Champions that have been produced from our breedings.




CH Percy - AM CH 2014

CH Kartellas Turning Up The Heat

CH Tuffy - AM CH 2014
CH Kartellas One Tuff Macho Man of Randys


vCH Tiger - AM CH 2014
CH Kartellas Deal on Trudys Babalu


GCH CH Raja - AM GCH 2014

GCH CH Kartellas Pressed and Mezherd Gold


CH Pippa - AM CH 2013
AM CH Kartellas Shining in the Starlight

CH Jacob - AM CH 2013
AM CH Kartellas Dazzling Twilight


CH Flynn - AM CH   2013

AM BISS GCH Kartellas Flynn Rider

CH Maggie - Malaysian CH 2013

Malaysian CH Kartellas More Than a Woman


CH Rango - AM CH 2013

AM CH Kartellas Spirit of The West



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